The Top 3 Cyber Security Threats That Law Offices Face Today

Contrary to popular belief, law offices and the attorneys that work there are one of the biggest targets in the eyes of today’s cybercriminals. This is due to many reasons, with the main one being the fact that due to the nature of their job, an attorney’s computer typically holds a trove of confidential information within it. Paired with the fact that most of today’s law firms are utilizing woefully outdated software and hardware, such an easy target can be impossible for digital criminals to pass up.

While lawyers are an excellent target for cybercriminals, they typically only fall victims to attack when they do not understand the threats that are out there. With this in mind, let’s take at the three biggest cybersecurity threats that law offices face today.

Threat #1: Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, which literally takes your computer and the files within it hostage until a ransom fee is paid, is the last thing that any attorney wants to deal with in their office. Typically, the ransomware finds its way onto computers through the download of a sketchy email attachment by an unsuspecting victim. When this virus gets on one computer, it can quickly infect a law firm’s entire network, rendering most devices useless until the ransom is paid.

Threat #2: Phishing And Other Email Attacks

Phishing, which involves a fraudulent account sending emails that appear to look authentic with the hope of recipients clicking on their links and entering the password to their account, is one of the leading cybersecurity threats faced by every business sector. Ensuring that attorneys are aware of the signs of phishing is key as if an attack is identified early on it can frequently save thousands of dollars in damages.

Threat #3: Internal Leaks Of Confidential Information

Believe it or not, one of the leading causes of cyberattack is the internal leaking of information by attorneys within the law firm itself. Commonly referred to as “whistleblowing,” this form of attack only occurs in extreme circumstances when actions by someone within the firm warrant regulatory or legal action.

Clearly, these threats are enough to keep any law firm partner up at night. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions available that can help to minimize the risk of your firm falling victim to a cyber attack. Privileged access management, or PAM for short, is one such solution.

PAM is a great tool to adopt, especially for law firms that want to ensure that they have complete control over who has access to confidential information. While there are number providers of PAM services out there, we suggest looking into Thycotic’s Secret Server service, which is one of the leading PAM services available on the market today. With the ability to get started quickly, scale as your practice grows, and wield complete control over who can access what information, Thycotic’s Secret Server seems to be a privileged access management service that was tailor-made with the needs of today’s law firms in mind.

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