DoD SkillBridge Program for Transitioning Service Members

As a Veteran-Owned business, TSI is dedicated to helping those who serve transition into civilian life at the end of their enlistment.  TSI offers internships through the DoD SkillBridge Program.  This is an opportunity for Service members to gain civilian work experience before their time in the military comes to an end.

Separating Service members can begin the internships offered by TSI up to 180 of permissive duty to train full-time with us.  TSI is willing to work with Service members with little to no experience in the IT field.  We strongly suggest that you talk with your unit commander before applying to our internships to ensure that they are willing to support you throughout this process.  We are willing to work with the Service member and their command on amount of days per week and length of the internship.

For more information about the rules and regulations of the SkillBridge Program, please look here

TSI’s Process for SkillBridge Applicants

TSI Offers the following internships through the SkillBridge Program

Help Desk

Procurement and Logistics

Sales and Marketing