Mark Putiyon, CEO

President and CEO of TSI, Mark Putiyon graduated Cum Laude from Strayer University with a BS in Information Technology and a minor in Programming. Mark is the former president of Tech Solutions and has over 25 years of IT industry experience. He holds certifications in Microsoft, Novell, Apple, Cisco, Barracuda and Dell. Mark manages the Technology Department and the Sales and Marketing teams of TSI. Additionally, he spent three years in the Mojave Desert with the United States Army. He is involved with his local church by serving as a former deacon. Mark volunteered with both youth and audio visual ministries. When away from the office he enjoys paintball, video gaming, playing cards and his favorite board game, Settlers of Catan, with his boys.

Tim Jackson, Chief Operating Officer

Founded MDA Technologies Group in January 2000. Over 16 years experience in business management and administration and leading a team of highly skilled professionals supporting commercial and federal, state and local government clients. He established and managed a commercial business unit providing information technology solutions: custom software apps, database development, website design and development, and mobile apps. Created and managed the DoD business unit supporting a variety of organizations for: requirements and budget planning, capability analysis, research and development and on-site user support to communications and intelligence systems.

Young Choo, Director of Technology Services

Through the 28 years of his career in Information Technology, Young has gained experience in a variety of industries such as IT training schools (as a Microsoft and Novell certified Trainer), government organizations, private industries, and non-profits. He has also owned/managed his own IT company for over 15 years. He is a hands-on leader, experienced solutions architect, and expert IT consultant. When interacting with his coworkers and clients, his three most important values are integrity, perfection, and reliability.

Michael Tiller, Production Manager

Mike started in the computer field over 25 years ago.  Working in a privately-owned company he learned all aspects of IT services.  There he excelled in diagnostics and repairs.  Not just a troubleshooter, he was responsible for building servers and workstations, extensive laptop repair. Mike is a people person and is always friendly with clients and helpful in explaining product features and resolving user problems.  Always eager to learn more, Mike never shies away from the opportunity to discover more ways to be of value to both the client and company.  Mike is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife, adult children and grandchildren.   An avid outdoors-man, who loves to golf, hike, hunt and fish.  Mike is also an active volunteer for the American Cancer Society and a participant of Relay for Life.

Steven Trudeau, Help Desk Manager

Steven has been working on and fixing computers for over 15 years, all starting back in middle school with his first computer, he was always able to keep it running smoother than the first time it was unboxed. He has a passion for IT and has always strived to learn as much as he can to be able to help the best with any problem he faces. Most recently, during his time as a Marine in Quantico, he was supervising a help desk with only a few other marines to back him, overseeing the entire Marine Corps enterprise network, over 244,000 user account and 500,000 machines. After work, He spends time with his dog, and surrounding himself with the technology he enjoys to always make sure he is ahead of the curve.

Justin Holroyd, Project Manager

Justin joins TSI after serving for thirteen years in the United State Marines Corps. In the Marines his focus was creative leadership and team management while concentrating on putting the people first. Justin’s time in the Marines gave him the opportunity to work with individuals from all over the world, leading projects and operations in over 20 different countries across Asia and the South Pacific. Away from work, Justin soaks up all the time he can with his wife and three kids while also volunteering in church and occasionally pretending like he might one day figure out how to play golf.

Kayla Turzak, Account Manager

Kayla graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in English, minoring in Japanese language and culture. Since graduation, she has poured herself into learning new technologies as a Systems Administrator in a fast-paced Dev Ops environment. She has become a versatile Systems Support Specialist with a gift for finding creative IT solutions and a strong Windows Systems Administrator with experience configuring, monitoring, upgrading and maintaining systems hardware, software and related infrastructure. When away from a desk, she enjoys travel, art and movies.

Tom Riley, Business Development Manager

Tom was a principal for 30 years at Alpha Business Services, Inc., TSI’s most recent acquisition. He brings broad based knowledge of Hardware and Software procurement including support and management. Having certifications and authorizations with over 75 different manufacturers his focus has always been to bring the best of breed solution to the customer.