How to Keep Credentials Safe

If you gathered 10 cyber security specialists in a room and asked them what the most typical threat actor accessibility point is for enterprises’ today, each of them would probably reply “user credentials”. They’ve proven to be the weakest link within the cyber security field. As a matter of fact, Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, shows 81% of hacking-associated breaches leveraged weak and/or stolen passwords.


Within today’s digital transformation era – in which the quantity of users, IP addresses, data sets, and devices is growing at a fast pace – IAM (Identity Access Management) was proven critical to effective and strategic security programs. Identity Access Management encompasses the technology, processes, and people for removing, controlling, authenticating, managing, and creating a user’s permissions. Also, it defines the processes for which information is accessed through a business by its customers, partners, affiliates, contractors, and employees. Identity Access Management is the key to extending and controlling access to customer resources and organizational, as well as data.


Digital business initiatives concentrate on improving customer and partner interactions by offering them accessibility to internet resources or to customer and enterprise data and services while out in the field. Staff members have to have fast accessibility to corporate applications and data to effectively collaborate. Customers have to have real-time accessibility to their services and data being offered no matter where they are located. Continuous expansion into the IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud has blurred and extended the digital perimeter, as well as enterprise attack surfaces. No longer restricted to the physical confines of a structure, the network edge is wherever people happen to be – inside a hotel room, coffee shop, at an airport or accident site – any place in the world.


As the necessity for real-time, worldwide collaboration continuously grows, enterprises are recognizing the importance of being able to efficiently identify users, as well as grant privileges around a several technologies and platforms, while keeping a close eye on remiving the data layer to permit for future changes in technology. The solution? A strategic and comprehensive Identity Access Management strategy.


A holistic and strategic approach to Identity Access Management encompasses:


  • Data security and analytics
  • Privileged access management
  • Access governance
  • Access management
  • Identity management
  • Identity data management


Adopting a holistic and strategic approach to Identity Access Management permits busineses to control user permissions, as well as appropriately grant access to data as workloads are migrated to the cloud, as well as mobility continuously dominates the globe.


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