Data Privacy Day 2019

Have you made any New Years’ Resolutions for 2019? As an additional year passes us by, the beginning of 2019 arrives with promises of several new technologies that you, as the decision-maker of your business, may resolve to assist in growing your brand. Although those new avenues may open several doors for your brand, those advancements also are causing new vulnerabilities and avenues for thieves, phishers, and hackers to take advantage of. Thankfully, Data Privacy Day is just around the corner.


Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28th of each year and is meant to inform users about data privacy to promote a more secure, more private, and safer internet for citizens worldwide. It also is an excellent day for folks to update old passwords, evaluate their social media privacy settings, as well as take a look into the state of your digital data security.


The goals and purpose of this day are of particular importance to companies. Every year, millions of companies are faced with attacks to their security as a consequence of totally preventable vulnerabilities inside their IT infrastructure. While not every attack turns into breaches, it does not mean they aren’t cause for concern.


Therefore, what will you do to protect yourself on this day? Depending upon your company, an excellent place to begin includes increasing your password security. It may be accomplished by requiring more complicated passwords from your staff members, and require that they regularly change them up, and by instating 2-factor authentication that offers extra security to confirm that the individual logging into your network is legit.


If you have not already, setting firewalls up and utilizing encryption to secure your network also is an outstanding idea to keep hackers out. Also, restricting privileges to specific parts of your network just to the ones for whom accessibility is needed. It restricts the possibility that specific data will fall into the incorrect hands.


Lastly, having back-ups, either of your whole environment, or merely of critical information, is one of the best methods of preventing attacks which steal, corrupt, or attempt to ransom your information.


Whatever your needs, TSI takes Data Privacy Day initiatives to heart. We’ll work with you to create a custom-made security plan which is going to prevent attacks from occurring and keep your organization’s data secure and safe.


Not just have we made it our goal to remain up-to-date on all the most recent potential threats to your industry, yet we additionally work to inform our clients about those matters and ensure that they have the ability to make educated choices on how to protect their organizations.


After an audit of your existing security infrastructure, we’re able to make a determination on where your vulnerabilities lie, as well as keep them from being used against you. Whether you need a software patch, or more significant overhaul of all internal security procedures, such as ensuring users are forced to utilize secure passwords, servers run upon secure protocols, etc., TSI has you covered.


Start 2019 off right. Data Privacy Day is an exceptional time to give your organization’s security steps an update; therefore, do not pass by without a second consideration. Contact TSI Cyber Services right away and rest assured that this year is going to be a fantastic year for your company!

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