Smart, Secure Solutions

TSI applies industry-leading Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tools to monitor the security posture of the network infrastructure.  These tools are employed throughout the network and data center to protect as well as screen for and detect security-relevant events.

  • Regular vulnerability scanning to identify assets at risk
  • Results analysis that combines the latest threat intelligence with a deep understanding of your critical assets to develop an accurate list your current vulnerabilities
  • Risk-based remediation advice and recommendations to limit exposure

Areas of focus:

Privileged Account Management: We have selected several top performing tools to keep your privileged accounts secure.

Endpoint Protection Agent: Not just antivirus anymore.  We implement the best software in the industry to keep you protected at the desktop and laptop level.

Server Protection Agent: Using improved strategies, up-to-date tools and hard work, we implement modern industry standards to guard the servers that house important data.

Layered Security Platform: The old ways of AV + Firewall = protected are over.  The layered approach is needed to combine technologies in a mesh to protect your digital assets.


  • Response – Monitoring, intrusion, detection, remediation

  • Data – Encryption, rights management, file and image-based backup

  • Application – DB monitoring, secure coding, testing

  • Endpoint – Anti-Virus, anti-malware, patch management, encryption

  • Network – Firewall, gateway, wireless, remote access, data loss prevention

  • People – Policies, Procedures, Training

Mobile Security/Mobile Device Management: Working to keep your company’s data safe, we engage heightened mobile security on company issued cells.

Enterprise Encryption: We deploy an enterprise encryption solution.  All endpoints on the network are encrypted and have multiple encryption keys to decrypt the data.

Employee Training and Assessment: Employees will be trained on proper Email/Web/Physical security. This platform will assign security scores based on behavior by the employees so we can concentrate on training those with low scores.

Penetration Testing: Our security penetration testing on the firewalls each quarter tests for any vulnerabilities that need remediation.  These will be submitted to you as part of our customer success meetings.

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