What is The Cloud and Why You Should Consider it for Your Business

Savvy business owners take advantage of the latest in technology and software to give themselves a competitive edge. For example, you may have heard about cloud computing and wondered how it might benefit your company.

The “cloud” in cloud computing refers to a distributed network of data servers, which ideally have multiple backups in different areas of the country as a precaution against natural disasters, crime, vandalism and other problems.

Disaster Recovery

Imagine what you would do if you suffered a local catastrophic hard drive failure. This could happen after a natural disaster, leaving your employees without access to your database, contract file templates and other vital information.

When you switch to a cloud computing solution, you can rest assured that your data is being carefully stored in a protected facility. What’s more, there will be multiple redundant backups so you can quickly get back up and running, even if you only have laptops, tablets or smartphones and are working out of a temporary facility like a hotel or coffee shop.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service is a feature of cloud computing that can help you streamline your business and lower costs. Instead of buying software licenses for each employee or trying to predict how extensive a site license needs to be, you can rely on SaaS instead.

Your workers will access the latest version of the software, since it will always be updated. All they need to do is launch a web browser on their computer and the software will run inside, via the cloud computing services provider’s servers.

Expand Your Business in New Locations

Cloud computing makes it easier for you to enable access to your company’s database, even when workers are inputting data from more than one location. This means that you can easily expand your company’s presence into new locations, confident that team members can get the information they need or update files. Salespeople and repair teams can also access files via secure, encrypted connection even while out in the field.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing can help you keep your business up and running even while your nearest rivals are scrambling to reconstruct their data after a disaster. From saving money by using software as a service instead of purchasing user licenses for each employee to making it easier for branch offices to share computing resources, the cloud is something you cannot afford to ignore any further.


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