5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity with Technology

The workforce today is evolving at speeds never seen before. Employees want to be able to collaborate on several projects, with several people. They need accessibility to a number of applications and software, on a broad array of devices.

Therefore, with all of the different options in tech available, and the always-increasing demands from your customers and employees, how do you determine which tools and software to implement? How will you allow technology to make your company as productive as it can be?

With this in mind, we put this list together of five ways to make your company more productive with technology:

Collaborate through Technology

Does it seem as if your staff members’ noses are consistently glued to their phones? While this might be a fact, those behaviors actually can be taken advantage of by empowering a collaborative work place. Staff members want to talk to, connect with, as well as collaborate with their employees from anywhere, during any time, upon any device.

Here’s the answer: Office 365. The tool takes collaboration away from the disorganized email inbox then instead organizes it within a safe place that is easily accessible by the proper people. Live collaboration within all of the Microsoft office programs you are familiar with is available around-the-clock. There also is a brief learning curve; therefore, everyone in your company soon can feel at ease using the new platform for collaboration. Even better, it is scalable; therefore, as your startup grows into a mid-sized business, your system is able to grow along with you.

Manage Contacts More Efficiently – An additional O365 Solution

If you are like other company owners, you likely do not have a neat contact list. Some contacts are saved inside Outlook, whereas other ones are saved on your smartphone. There also are the ones you have connected with upon LinkedIn. It may be difficult to manage all of them and locate the information needed, when needed.

With Office 365, it’s possible to synchronize all your contacts then manage them together within a single place. This way, you will not need to be concerned with using the incorrect email address.

Work Remotely

Working remotely goes beyond just being able to work in diverse places. There is a real advantage to breaking free from the confines of an office, like better productivity and bigger creativity. Whether or not you permit your team to work remotely, there is a good opportunity that work is being accomplished outside of the work place.

Here’s the answer: Utilize a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

In short, a Virtual Private Network permits your team to safely access their work files from any place, on any device.

A correctly configured Virtual Private Network works by encrypting the whole connection from device to device. As information is sent it’s encrypted then it’s decrypted as it gets to its intended device. That way even if information is intercepted by cyber criminals, they will not have the ability to process or decrypt it.

Answer Calls On-The-Run

What actually happens as a staff member leaves their desk? Do all their calls go over to voicemail? Are additional team members left to pick up all of the slack? Whether you permit your employees to work remote or not, it is an excellent idea to have a telephone system which allows them to continuously field calls as if they were at their desk.

Here’s the answer: VoIP (Voice Over IP). In utilizing a VoIP system, your team may answer company phone calls from their mobile device. VoIP will untether your telephone from walls and move it to the cloud. It’ll make it possible to continuously answer calls upon any device utilizing the same setup and phone number. For remote workers, it’s perfect because the customers never know they are calling a place other than your office, or that they’re receiving a phone call from a foreign place if your team member is abroad.

Video Capabilities

Not having the ability to meet around the conference table at the office does not mean you must sacrifice the advantages of one-on-one interaction.

Video conferencing will make the meetings feel nearly as intimate as if you were sitting down inside the same room. It’s possible to read one another’s non-verbal cues, hear one another’s intonations, and share what is on the screen.

Empower Your Department with Technology

Too much tech may lead to confusion in any office. However, by using the proper balance and applications, technology may assist in empowering your company like never before.

Do you need assistance implementing any of the aforementioned solutions for your company? Call TSI today!

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